Expert Marine Environmental Services for New Zealand Seismic Operations

Blue Planet Marine (BPM) is your complete source for expert marine environmental services from project planning to final reporting. With a focus on marine megafauna, we specialise in:

  • Marine Mammal Impact Assessments
  • Marine Mammal Mitigation Plans
  • Development of Environmental Plans
  • Environmental Compliance Assessment
  • Marine Mammal Observers (MMO)
  • Marine Fauna Observers (MFO)
  • PAM Operators (PAMO) & Systems
  • MMO/PAM/Environmental Training



BPM has delivered thousands of MMO/MFO and PAMO days to industry and government organisations throughout the Pacific. We are the most experienced provider of observer services for seismic surveys in NZ waters and since 2012 have delivered more than 1,200 person days under the NZ Code of Conduct. BPM has developed environmental documents required for project planning, approval and implementation. This includes MMIA, MMMP and Final Summary Reporting documents.



All BPM NZ employees are Kiwis based in NZ with post graduate degrees on marine mammals. We aim to provide NZ-based MMOs and PAMOs wherever possible, saving you time and money, and helping to fulfil your organisation’s policy of engaging local services. We have established relationships with many qualified and trained MMOs and have exclusive contracts with five of the seven qualified PAMOs able to work in NZ waters for the 2016/17 season including the only qualified PAMOs based in NZ.



We have employed and worked with a range of Māori iwi observers who affiliate with North and South Island iwi. In addition, we have attended Hui on behalf of clients, presenting independent assessments of seismic survey operations and marine mammal mitigation techniques.



BPM has NZ Government-approved training courses to certify inexperienced and experienced MMOs and experienced PAMOs as ‘Trained’ or ‘Qualified’ under the NZ Code of Conduct.



Our team is highly skilled in the use of Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM). We supply robust, Code-compliant PAM systems and recommend and use Seiche equipment. We can conduct sound source validation of the acoustic source level and received sound levels during a survey, as outlined in the NZ Code of Conduct.



We tailor our teams and equipment for each project so you can be sure you have the right knowledge, experience and systems working with you to produce the best results.



BPM knows the NZ Code of Conduct inside out. We helped develop the Code, we’ve applied it, and we continue to work with Government to update and improve it. Our knowledge and systems have been honed since the Code was introduced, providing you with the confidence that your project will run smoothly under our watch. Changes to the Code are currently being drafted by Government. We are engaged in this process.



All of BPM’s work is subject to our QSE system, which is modelled on ISO 9001, AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001.