Blue Planet Marine
Expert Marine Services

Blue Planet Marine is a leading environmental research and consulting organisation providing expert scientific services within the Australian, New Zealand, Asian, South Pacific and Antarctic marine environments. 



Biologists, ecologists, acousticians, geneticists, statisticians and educators… at Blue Planet Marine our team of specialists strive to provide organisations from across the world with robust, quality research, advice and services in the marine environment.


Environmental Management

Our team can provide: marine megafauna surveys and monitoring; environmental assessments, plans and reports (including environmental impact mitigation advice and practical implementation); threatened species assessments; MMO, MFO and PAM Operator personnel; navigation and seismic QA/QC personnel; technical advice and expert evidence; environmental compliance monitoring; environmental audits; Survey Environmental Advisor (SEA) services; Oiled Wildlife Response services (OWR).


Marine Acoustics

Blue Planet Marine specialises in: assessment and monitoring of underwater noise from anthropogenic activities e.g. pile driving, seismic surveys, vessel traffic, dredging; assessment, monitoring and research on the potential effects of anthropogenic sound on marine mammals and other marine megafauna; studies on marine mammal behavioural response to anthropogenic sound; Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM); direct tagging of marine mammals using D-Tags and Z-Tags; expert advice; mitigating potential impacts of anthropogenic sound on marine mammals; MFO and Acoustic Fauna Observer (AFO) services; advanced PAM Operator training.

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Our team can provide: survey design, advice, planning and fieldwork; land-based, sea-based and aerial surveys; satellite tagging and biopsying; data analysis and reporting; logistical assistance and equipment; research assistant programmes.


Vessel Hire

Whether you require a larger vessel for long-range, extended offshore work or a smaller vessel for nearshore and estuarine projects, Blue Planet Marine has a vessel to suit your needs. Ranging in size from 6 m to 24 m, all of our vessels are in current Australian survey and are available as either a bare-boat charter or with an experienced and qualified crew.



Blue Planet Marine develops and delivers quality training programmes, including bespoke training courses or inductions designed to your needs and specification. These can include online training and assessment, in-person training and assessment, and field components and assessment. We run the following training for the seismic industry: NZ MMO and PAM Training for new and advanced personnel; Australian MFO Training; as well as training for MMOs working in marine construction projects.


Great Barrier Reef
Whale & Dolphin
Research Programme

Work alongside world-class scientists as they get up close and personal with humpback whales in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on Earth.