About the team at Blue Planet Marine

Blue Planet Marine's vision is to support effective management and conservation of the marine environment through the provision of quality research, data, knowledge and advice.

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Blue Planet Marine is a leading environmental science, research and consulting organisation providing expert services in the New Zealand, Australian, Asian, South Pacific and Antarctic marine environments.

We help organisations understand and manage the impact of human activity on marine mammals and other marine megafauna. We do this via research, monitoring, mitigation, reports, logistical support and training. Our clients span a variety of sectors – government, resource, research, and NGO – and all are seeking to balance the use of the marine environment with its management and conservation for a sustainable future.

Blue Planet Marine's focus is to supply our clients with robust, relevant, objective, reliable, and independent data, service and advice upon which informed management decisions can be made and actions taken. Our aim is to become a trusted advisor to all our clients.


The Blue Planet Marine Team

Blue Planet Marine has a small base of employees that we augment on a project-by-project basis using Associates of Blue Planet Marine or independent contractors. We can do this because we have spent more than 25 years establishing strong, professional relationships with reputable experts around the world.

This resource model allows flexibility and responsiveness in a changing market and enables Blue Planet Marine to provide the specialist skills required by our clients – even if we do not have them in-house. It allows us to quickly scale-up or -down our teams as required. It also provides a variety of perspectives and increases significantly the professional connections and ideas that we can bring to the table.

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Dr David Paton / Managing Director (ACT)

Project Manager, marine mammal, turtle and seabird biologist and ecologist with over thirty-five years’ experience throughout Australia, the South Pacific, Southern Ocean (Antarctic waters), USA and Canada.

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Lesley Douglas MSc (Hons) / Marine Scientist & Communications Manager (NZ)

Lesley's Masters research focused on marine bio-acoustics. She has 15 years' experience working with a variety of marine mammal species, and considerable experience working with government agencies, particularly with marine protected areas.

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Sarah Laverick BSc (Hons), MFAB / Marine Scientist  (NSW)

Sarah has a BSc (Hons) in Marine Freshwater and Antarctic Biology. She has over 12 years' experience with marine mammal research in all its facets. She is experienced in managing large-scale logistic projects including several Antarctic research voyages as Project Manager and Deputy Voyage Leader. Sarah also has experience with marine mammal stranding, oil spill response and cetacean entanglement response and monitoring.

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Dr Daniel Burns / Marine Scientist (WA)

Dan is a Marine Scientist, Environmental Trainer and Lecturer with over 15 years’ experience working for government, NGO agencies, research institutes and environmental consulting companies.


Dr Daniel Godoy / Marine Scientist & COTS Project Operations Manager (Qld/NZ)

Dan is a Marine Scientist specialising in marine turtles, though he’s worked with a variety of species, including: elasmobranchs, patch reef communities, tropical reef fish, temperate fish, seahorses and benthic fauna. Dan has extensive offshore experience on seismic surveys, in a variety of team lead roles including: SEA, MMO, MFO and PAMO.